Diacritics and overlapping

Hi there, I have one other issue I am desperate with. After finishing all diacritics in my project, I find some glyphs with overlapping elements which get subtracted (see image). I have tried by changing path direction or inverting the contours, but it does not work. I appreciate your help!

Where do you see the overlap? Did you export with overlaps removed? As .ttf or .otf?

Hi Georg, thanks for your help offer. First of all I see it in Glyphs which can be a bit irritating when testing. I removed overlaps and exported as OTF. It does not appear in Affinity Publisher, but still does in InDesign.

If it is a otf and with remove overlap, then the path direction is wrong, or there are two path on top of each other.

And automatically correcting path direction might not work in this case. So make sure it is correct manually.

Thanks! I’ll do that.