Diacritics Combining


I am trying to create all my diacritics for my font family, and want to incorporate the feature of combining marks to my existing glyphs .

The Glyphs guide says that I should see a bunch of glyphs saying ‘combing’ and ending .comb however my panel shows combining to be empty and the ‘legacy’ folder to have 13 marks but these are not combining

any advice on how to get these .comb dark for combing ?

thanks !

Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 15.30.13

Your accents are relevant to the character set/language range you are designing for.

For example, if you open the Latin script list, you will find character sets such as Central European. Right-click on that and you will find what is described in the article.

The Categories → Marks → Combining section lists the combining marks that you have already added to your font project.

To add combining marks, scroll down to the Languages section, expand one of the language groups (for example, Latin), and right-click a character set that you want to add to your font. Many of these character sets include combining marks which are needed for those languages:

In this list, select the glyphs you want (or click Select All) and then click Generate to add the missing glyphs.

For more ways to add glyphs, have a look at the Handbook:

The “Legacy” marks can be added directly from Categories → Marks → Legacy, as there are not many of them. There are many more combining marks for many writing systems, which is why it would be impractical to offer all combining marks in a similar fashion.