Did something change with the anchors?

To avoid confusion with “topright” anchors, I created an anchor named “dotright”.

Before updating I had this:

After updating to 3.1.1 (3135), I get this:

Exact same document, exact same font, just re-exported with last updated Glyphs version.

I didn’t touch Glyphs for a month, so I don’t know what was the exact version before, maybe 3132.

→ If I rename the anchor “topdot” or “top_dot”, the dotrightabovecomb hooks itself to the “topright” anchor, which is not good.

→ At first I thought custom anchor names were not allowed anymore, but in a test file with only the o, the circumflexcomb and the dotrightabovecomb, it actually works correctly.

Can you send me the file?

Thanks for the file. I found the problem and we are working on a fix.

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That should be fixed.