Different retrieved font metrics "caps & x-height" between Font Editors?

I have some old .ttf fonts need to be refreshed with Correct Unicode mapping & OT features. When opened with Glyphs.app & FLVI There is a different caps & x-height values for the same very font. Same glyph appears on different metrics when in edit view on both Glyphs & FLVI.

Why the differences?

Also on Glyphs the font typoDescender is Positive value. while your tutorial says it is a negative value. Does this mean the font itself has bad metrics?

Sample Legacy font HASOOB.TTF (88.3 KB)

The font file contains several different sets of vertical metrics. And Glyphs and FL seem to pick differently.

The “typoDescender” will be exported correctly regardless of the sign, so no worries.

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