Nj/Lj digraphs and smallcaps


I cannot make it work with auto-generation feature using only naming convention.

These are glyphs in my font

Nj with smcp feature on should be subsetted by Nj.sc (composed from N and j.sc)

but this feature is not generated automatically. I have to write sub Nj by Nj.sc; in smcp feautre.

Is there a way to do this with auto-generation?

Have you tried the .smcp suffix?

Generally, aren’t these characters deprecated? AFAIK they are not in use.

Yes, but it was the same as with Nj.sc

I know that they are for backwards compatibility, but I was just curious how to resolve this.

Anyway, if there is no a simple solution I will just ignore these digraphs.


You could decompose them, its two lines of feature code in the ccmp feature.

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Or just remove digraphs from the font. And that is what I’ve done. What a relief. :smile:

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