Dingbat Font Preview Text

Greetings, and I apologize if this has already been answered in the forum but I wasn’t able to find a thread. Is there a way to have a dingbat font preview (in the font list in a program like MS Word) just as a system font instead of the default dingbat font?


I have the same question and since there was no answer here in the past, maybe someone knows something now?
Cheers – Henning

You mean, you want to see the name of the Dingbat font in the menu, written in the system font?

If you know a font that does behave like this, I can take a look and see if there is a setting in the font that triggers it. It is entirely possible that there is a hard-coded list built into Word, though.

Could it be done via Panose?

“Some applications will use Family Kind = 5 (Latin Symbol) to identify symbol fonts, which might affect font selection or fallback behaviors.”

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There are proper dingbats fonts. I think the main part has to do with a special CMAP. I don’t remember the detail.