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I am rooting around the hand books trying to find simple things as auto save and how to find and use the plug-ins I can’t seem to find these basic items in the manuals. Am I not searching in the right areas. Please direct me .

What aspect of auto-save are you interested in? You can enabled the Versions feature in GlyphsPreferences…User SettingsUse Versions. When that option is selected, Glyphs will save changes to your files automatically.

Free plugins can be found in WindowPlugin Manager. Browse the list and install the plugins you want by clicking Install. You need to restart Glyphs after installing plugins for them to be loaded.

There are commercial plugins such as the Remix Tools, Layer Whale, many plugins by @Mark: Show Stems/Variable Font Preview/Show Recyclers, and also recent additions like LTTR/INK and Kern On. Many of these have free versions or offer trial versions for you to test.

Hi I have downloaded the plug-is i need but my issues is how to use them on the fly when creating my fonts. Thanks for the heads up on the auto save thing.

That depends on the plugins that you use. Can you name a specific plugin (or list of plugins)? I may be familiar with it, otherwise you should contact its developer.

as i am to understand the plug-ins They are to appear in a side panel?

Yes, some plugins appear in the right side panel (or “Palette”). Some plugins appear somewhere else.

For example, the Glyph Note plugin adds a textfield in the Palette where you can jot down some notes about a glyph:

But a different plugin, like Speed Punk, does not appear in the Palette and instead adds a colorful visualization to your curves:

I was ask to delete the following plug-in and reinstall them after intalling Python 3















Did you already have these installed? Or did you just install them?

Typically you should not need to reinstall plugins.

I had installed them and now have deleted them from the app. as requested in a dialogue box.
I don’t know How I did it bu the plug in’s seem to be working. I think I just turn on the right views in the view panel. It’s always something stupidly simple.

Some explanation: The plugins didn’t load before you had installed the python module. To prevent them from crashing all the time they are marked to not load the next time. You need to get a new copy to make them work.

So, do I delete all the plugin and download all new file and restart for them to all work?

Yes. If you install the Python module first and make sure it is selected in Preferences > Addons.

Ok. I. Think I’ve got it. Many Thanks from a tech dummy.