Disable Master CP not working in color font export?

I’am working on a color font project with colored masters, one of these masters is a stroke source. i want to keep it with other masters to sync changes and ignore that in color font export. i used Disable Master CP for that, it’s not working for me.

(i don’t want to hide it behind the others in color layer stacking, this would be one of possible solutions but not working in this case(also increasing the size of final font)

here is a test glyphs file with one glyph: ح
test.glyphs (46.9 KB)

You should remove the “Master Color” of the outline(stroke) master and the “Disable Master” in the instance. All masters with a “Master Color” will be included in the COLR table. I’ll see if I can take the “Disable Master” parameter into account. That is currently not the case.

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thank you @GeorgSeifert , problem solved for me with removing master color of outline(stroke).