Disable Masters: serious bugs

Hello. Once again, I’m afraid the Disable Masters parameter is posing a lot of problems.

I have a project with (in order) wdth, wght, ital. I want to export one VF with wdth=80 and one with wdth=100. What I do for this is disable one half of the masters per VF.

When exporting, my normal width VF gets -32768 as the ital value.
My condensed width VF gets 80 for all weights (80 is actually the value of the wdth axis before it is removed for this VF). It also gets -32768 for ital.

How can I circumvent this issue?

Sample font?

Sent, thanks!

It appears there was in issue when there are instances that have Axis Location parameters that don’t correspond to their internal locations.

For example, I had a Cond Black master (internal weight 200, axis location 900), and a Cond Black instance (internal weight 190, axis location 900).

Clients never cease to surprise me with their ridiculous setups.

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Fixed it. Removing an axis in the middle of exporting a font has to be done carefully.

Brilliant, thank you!

I fixed the fvar table. Avar still not right.

Update is up. Can you test and report what else is wrong?

Thank you! What exactly did you fix? Is it supposed to work when I have mismatching internal coordinates/axis locations like in the example above?

I didn’t fix the mismatch. But there where some problems with the axis filtering in a few places.