Disappearing Letters

So I transferred all of my letters from illustrator to Glyphs but when I go to test the letters for kerning only the original letter shows up. For instance, I double click on the letter A, click on the text button at the top, and go to type a letter other than the original A that shows up and the little typing line moves but the letters don’t show up. Any Idea how to fix this?

How did you transfer your letters. Can you post a screenshot of the font view? You might have put the outlines in the wrong boxes.

I am relatively new to font making and glyphs so I am not quite sure what you mean by font view. Hopefully the picture I sent is right but if it’s not let me know and I will send another picture. As for how I transferred my letters from Illustrator to Glyphs I just copied and pasted them into their boxes.

Are you typing lowercase? Your font only has uppercase.

Ugh, that was all I had to do to get it to work. I should have known that. Thanks for all of your help.