Disappearing scripts

This is weird:

I used to have a bunch of scripts installed in Glyphs, but they’ve disappeared. This week I re-downloaded Toshi’s script set and placed them in the Glyphs scripts folder. But the next time I restarted Glyphs they had disappeared and the scripts folder was empty again. Where have my scripts gone, and how do I stop this from happening?

So you install the scripts and after starting Glyphs, they are gone? I’ve never seen that. Can you try to open Glyphs with the Script folder visible? Do you see the scripts disappear?

  1. How do you access the Scripts folder? You can have it in the user library or the system-wide library.
  2. And can you confirm you have write access and actually copied them there (or placed an alias).
  3. Do you have some kind of system maintenance tool, like an optimization tool or anti-virus software that might interfere with the contents of your library?

Hi Georg. I put Toshi’s scripts in the Scripts folder and left the Finder window open while closing and restarting Glyphs. The scripts are still there, and have remained there so far, even though I have now closed the Finder window. But I’m still wondering what happened to all the scripts I had previously.

Hi Rainer.

  1. /Users/tiro_j/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts

  2. Confirmed.

  3. No. Very vanilla Sierra OS (meant to update to High Sierra before the Mojave release, but forgot to; waiting to confirm stability of Mojave for all my tools before next update).

The only time i noticed a behaviour like this is when some sort of synchronisation is involved like with github.