Display bug in edit window

An issue occured in the edit window:
The preview section remains empty and even when editing more than one glyph only the active one is displayed, as shown in the screenshot: The edit window contains “ewF”, but only “F” is visible.
The bug appears with each font I load and re-installing the app could not fix it.

Can you add the screenshot?

Sorry, I forgot.

Aah, must have sth to do with “show siblings”. I tested around a little and activated the tool, set to “open siblings in tab” and everything showed again as it should do.
Thank you for being there Sunday night!

Still a strange behavior though.
There’s a lack of functionality between “Show siblings” and “Show preview offset”. And without siblings shown everything appears as described in my first post.

@ekkewolf Could you please pm me with all the weird things that happen to you with the Show Siblings plugin? I’ll try to fix that once I can recreate that.

Please disable all Plugins (rename the plugins folder) and try again.

Now everything seems to be displayed properly.
Attached see my Plugin folder. Shall I delete Show Siblings or might it be another Plug-in?

What is the ShowFirstPat... plugin?

i can’t remember the source and didn’t find it in www either. It numbers each path and is useful for multiple master handling.
ShowFirstPath.glyphsReporter.zip (25.0 KB)

I think you made it in the Python workshop in Vienna.

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:slight_smile: great me. I could not do that again.