Displaying kern values


In Text view when I cursor down through the text string to perform kerns, the value appears floating above the pair. Is there a way to reposition this? – lower or below the pair? Or at least remove the ‘error’ of them not showing when you cursor back to the top line. In this instance the display shows the text sting (I’m viewing at 250pt) too high, so the kern values are ‘above’ the display area – outside the top of the window. So every time I have to scroll the display down a bit in order to bring them back.


Can you post a screenshot (or send it by email)?


I think you mean the Display Kern Values plug-in, right?


‘Show Kerning Values’ plugin. It is.
I think it’s to do with the font metrics. In another font they show up.


At 500 pt they show up as well . . .

Don’t worry about it. I have a smaller window as well so I can show both Italic and Roman together (stacked) with makes the rendering area of the Text view smaller, so it can’t fit it all in. When I make the window deeper, the default cursor scroll up allows for the display of the kern values. Trade off with may window size.


It draws 150u above the highest layer bounds. Perhaps you have a high glyph in there?


yes, I probably do have.