Displaying kern values

In Text view when I cursor down through the text string to perform kerns, the value appears floating above the pair. Is there a way to reposition this? – lower or below the pair? Or at least remove the ‘error’ of them not showing when you cursor back to the top line. In this instance the display shows the text sting (I’m viewing at 250pt) too high, so the kern values are ‘above’ the display area – outside the top of the window. So every time I have to scroll the display down a bit in order to bring them back.

Can you post a screenshot (or send it by email)?

I think you mean the Display Kern Values plug-in, right?

‘Show Kerning Values’ plugin. It is.
I think it’s to do with the font metrics. In another font they show up.

At 500 pt they show up as well . . .

Don’t worry about it. I have a smaller window as well so I can show both Italic and Roman together (stacked) with makes the rendering area of the Text view smaller, so it can’t fit it all in. When I make the window deeper, the default cursor scroll up allows for the display of the kern values. Trade off with may window size.

It draws 150u above the highest layer bounds. Perhaps you have a high glyph in there?

yes, I probably do have.


Is there a way to ‘Show Kerning Value’ under the pair it relates to?
The screen shot logically tells me that ‘/x/eth’ is -20 but this actually relates to the pair in the line below. It would make more sense to have the value along the line where the side bearing are. As the screen shot implies. Perhaps a User option to toggle the view?

What do you mean with pair in line below. Can you show a bigger screenshot.

In this screen grab. The top line (Light Master) shows kerns for the bottom line (Bold Master). The kern values are positioned above the glyph pair, but in doing this are easily interpreted as belonging to the top line of glyphs, especially as they are above the side bearing and width measurements.

In this screen grab I’ve duplicated the kerns to sit with the glyphs they relate to. Just seems to make far better sense to me.

The problem is on the one hand it is a good idea to keep them all in the same height, on the other hand it should not collide with the shapes themselves. So I need to keep them above the highest glyph. But if the line height is very low, that creates the next problem.

Two possible solutions: change the Editview Lineheight with a parameter in Font Info > Font (there is also a mekkablue script in the App submenu). Or, I adjust the y value in the plug-in. With the consequence that it may be too close in some cases.


This would be good. I presume I could then enter a value to position where I’d like. This way other users aren’t affected.

This already exists. Either set it yourself in Font Info > Font, or use the mekkablue scripts App > Increase/Decrease Edit View Line Height. they were made so you can apply a keyboard shortcut for them.

Oh. That changes the interline spacing (leading) of the lines of text, not the line height of the Show Kern Values.

Doesn’t matter, I’ll get used to it the way it is I guess.

I added a customisation: you can set your own offset from the highest glyph (default 150) by running this in the Macro Window:

Glyphs.defaults["com.mekkablue.KernIndicator.offset"] = 50

Paste it in a macro window tab, press the Run button, and change the view a little (e.g. pan or zoom in and out) to trigger a redraw.

Thanks, I can’t get it positioned under the descender and under the side bearing feedback.
Tried -1000, -2000 etc. It doesn’t appear to go below -50 from the cap heigh general area

editing the script at =
line 40 = maxHeight = -450 # where to draw the kerning value
line 51 = maxHeight = max( maxHeight, layerBounds.origin.y+layerBounds.size.height-1030)
line 85 = maxHeight = -450

gets pretty much what I’m after when viewed at 330pt

And (again) I am not able to get ‘Show Kerning Values’ to run. This time with Glyphs 3.0.3 (3091) on my laptop running 10.13.6. Vanilla is installed, python is installed. Changing the line height does not help. What can/should I do?

Deleting and re-installing does not help …

Do you get an error message in the macro window?