Documentation for intermediate layer and corner components

Can anyone tell me, where I can find a documentation or help for the use of intermediate layers in corner components?

For corner components the intermediate layers work a bit different. You can think of it as something like a smart component that only has a Width and Height axis. So you would usually only change one of the dimensions and leave the other at 100%. That is useful if you like to scale the corner and simply scaling the outline would not work.

Ok. But where would this be visible? No matter what I do, I can’t see any effect in the main Glyphs, that uses the corner.

Use the normal scale settings of the corners. But if you only have one intermediate layer, either the Width or the Height need to be 100%.

I can’t get it, sorry.

before creating an intermediate of the corner, it looks like this:

after creating an intermediate, it looks like this. No matter, what values and no matter, what the path looks like…

You changed the direction of the start of the paths.
What are you trying to achieve?

Sorry, I don’t understand. Do you mean a step in the shots?
Or the last shot? That was only meant as an example, that changing the intemediate does not have any effect.