Does a GSHint have userData?

From the docs, it seems so:


A dictionary to store data temporarily. Use a unique key. This will not be saved to file. If you need the data persistent, use hint.userData

… but I get AttributeErrors when trying to read or set the data.

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And if it doesn’t have userData, what may be a good way to identify a specific hint from another place, e.g. in the GSLayer.userData?

Another stupid question, is GSHint.options used by normal PS or TT hints? Otherwise I could use it to store the information I need.

From the GSHint header file it seems not to have a userData property.

Hint don’t have userData. I’ll fix the docu.

But it has a property “settings” that should work similarly. It is not wrapped, you need to use the objectiveC method (it is a NSMutableDictionary).

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