Does Glyphs Mini trial version only include the basic Latin set?

I’m very new this forum. I just download a Glyph mini free trial for last night. And I noticed that there is only the basic Latin glyphs included (A-Z and a-z). When I searched for other glyphs such as numbers, symbols, etc. from the left panel of the Glyphs window, none of them are included.

I’d like to create a set of font with all the glyphs listed on page 1 of the link below and a few extra ligatures such as fi, ffi, fl, ffl etc.:

Will the paid version of the Glyphs mini support all these glyphs? Or do I need the full version? If so, can I open the Glyphs mini file I already created with the full version of Glyphs.

Please let me know when you have a chance.

The A-Z are only the glyphs that are added by default to a ne file.
Check out the sidebar. There is a Latin entry. Open it and you will find some more entire. right click the one with a badge (0/XX) you get a list. Select all glyphs you need and hit Generate.

Cool! Thank you for your quick reply.