Does nodes always need to have vertical and/or horizontal handles?

Hi guys,
I wanted to ask you; does it always necessary (or a rule) to make all handles horizontal or vertical. I know about perfect triangle rule, but I also sometimes want to create different angles by applying perfect triangle rule. Like so;

I also can put a node on the inner path of ‘a’ and be able to follow rule (horizontal or vertical handles) but I can create the same curve by using the handle. Which one is correct, or is it about my design decision?

Hello there,

if you place your points on the extremes of the curves than this “horizontal & vertical handles” should work really well and I think it is recommended to use those.

I only avoid nodes on extremums if they would create a very shallow curve. If you don’t place a node at the extremum there, you will not be able to use hinting in this case, and you may run into rendering issues on some devices. There are also a few other issues with the drawing you provided. Here are some recommendations:

Perfect!! Thank you so much. :+1:t6::+1:t6::+1:t6::+1:t6: