Does the app automatically save after applying filter?

Hi guys a new user here.

I batch applied the offset curve + round corners filter to about 400 characters (saved before I did that), didn’t like it so reverted the action, then the app crashed. I reopened it but it turns out to be the file after I applied the filters.

Is this common? Any ideas on what I can do now? Searched in the forum and looks like we cannot remove the filter?

Do you have Glyphs Mini or full? In the later case, do you have set “Use Version (new saving behavior in Lion)” set in Preferences?

I have full, just checked the preferences, “Use Version” was not ticked, should I tick it?

No, don’t set it.

What you might have seen ja the normal auto save. It will reload the last version that was active when a crash happens. So you should have gotten your unfiltered file by closing and reopening it.

Thanks, I tried that straight away after I realised the file was the version with filter on, but it did not work…

Was there a file with (Autosave) in it’s name next to your file? You should remove it.

No there isn’t… The file name did not change.