Don't write specific name table ID

Hi @GeorgSeifert ,
would it be possible to specify name table ID which should not be generated?

I am working on a variable font project and I don’t want to have name ID 16 and 17 in the font, but GlyphsApp creates them.

What about a custom parameter like:
Name Table Entry: 16; None
Name Table Entry: 17; None


Why do you like to do that?

As mentioned, I don’t want to have name ID 16 and 17 in my variable font and there seems to be no way to export a variable font without these entries.
Sure, it does not hurt to have them, but it’s more about having the full control about the name table. And currently I am not able to say, that a specific name table ID should not be set.

Hi there, any news here? I’m moving some projects from Glyph 2 to Glyphs 3 and I realized that Glyphs 3 automatically assigns ID 16 and ID 17 to Regular and Bold for which it’s never been required (as for Italic and Bold Italic). Why did this change? Are there new recommendations from the OT spec that suggest to follow this way?