Dotted Line Typeface

I made a typeface for young children to recognize basic letter forms. Now my company is asking for the letters to be dotted so children can connect-the-dots and practice making letters. I thought about tracing the letters in Illustrator with dotted lines, then importing into Glyphs. Didn’t have much luck with that, but maybe I missed a step. Can anyone think of a clever solution?

Thank you!

The plugin Stitcher will do that. Look for it in the Plugin Manager.

I was looking at the Stitcher plug-in in Glyphs 2. I’m not getting any results. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong. Also the script which is also called Stitcher is drawing the dotted character quite far-away from the original.

Can you check whether there is any text in the Macro window when you run the filter?

What does your _circle glyph look like? Did you put it over the origin point or add an origin anchor?