Double-click edit bug

Here’s a little something that’s been bugging me. Double-clicking a glyph in a tab is supposed to open edit mode for that glyph. Usually, it works. However, when the magnification is larger than some threshold, the view jumps to the next glyph in the string before going into edit mode. I need to scroll back to the original glyph and double-click again to be able to edit it.

There’s also still the problem that having more than one ligature in the test string messes up the glyph numbering. E.g., if I type “flimflam” with Standard Ligatures on, two /fl ligatures are substituted. When I then double-click on the final /m, the second /fl goes into edit mode instead.

I couldn’t reproduce the first phenomenon you described. Perhaps you can show me next week in Switzerland.

The second bug only occurs withe last letter in the string. Until it is fixed, you can, as a workaround, add a trailing space or period.

Just wanted to note that the first bug is still alive after all this time. I sometimes double-click a letter in edit view, and instead the next following letter in the string is chosen for editing.

I believe it’s related to the slanted borders of italic characters. Here I double-clicked approximately at the red location, which is inside the space of the /Chedescender-cy/ but above the baseline of /Emtail-cy/, and it ended up selecting the latter.

It appears to be inside the vertical space of the /Emtail; drop the red dot to the baseline or read its x value to prove that. The slanted character box is just a visual aid.

In this case, let me rephrase my issue: Please change the clicking behavior to check the slanted bounding box rather than the vertical one.