Double quote issues

I am seeing some odd behavior in Glyphs Mini (app store) that I have been beating my head against all day and I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

This morning I made a small edit to my font (just moving some points around on a few characters) and ran it through FontSquirrel. When I published the font, every character had been shifted down almost below the previous baseline.

I reverted to an older version of the font and the characters were correctly positioned vertically but now the double quote character is displaying as a single quote (in Glyphs it still previews correctly as a double quote, however).

When I force create a double quote by having 2 copies of the quote outline in the double quote character, the double quote will display correctly online but it is now pushed down vertically again.

Thanks for any help!

Can you you test the resulting .otf first. Sometimes there is an issue with the webfont conversion.
Can you check if the font exported already had the problems.
Can you check the path directions?

I did test the oft through UnicodeChecker and it showed the same single quote/double quote behavior. The only place I’ve been able to see the doubled line height is in the web font.
I’ve redrawn the outlines in Glyphs and there are no holes, just a single outline. Does it matter whether the path is clock-wise or counter-clockwise?

The workaround that I’ve got right now is to use uppercase C and D for the left and right double quotes and I drew those from scratch on the foreground layer. That seems to work though I don’t know why.

When I go back and into the double quote and redraw it from scratch, the line height changes again. So, the issue seems to be related to the quote characters but I don’t see a consistent pattern to it…

You should not test it in UnicodeChecker. Please have a look here:

Otherwise you get problems with the font caches. Or use a app like OTMaster Light (, click the Download button).

Thanks, that is helpful. I used the procedure described but with much the same results: the double quotes still appear as single quotes but the line height seems to be fine. The line height only seems to be an issue with the web font.

Are there any tools other than Font Squirrel’s that you would recommend for generating the various web font formats? I am fine with paying for a tool if I can depend on its output.

Can you send me the .glyphs file and the .otf generated from Glyphs to support (at) Glyphsapp . com?

There was a open path in the quote glyph and some other glyph had a corrupted outline.