Double Quotes and Ellipsis

I am confused about the process for creating component glyphs, specifically punctuation. Double quotes and ellipsis automatically add the relevant single quote and period respectively, but only one of each (i.e. the ellipsis is a single period, not three). Is it always a matter of decomposing the components and editing these glyphs or should Glyphs automatically add the correct number of components?

Does this have something to do with the left and right side bearing values? The show as something like “quoteleft (36)”.

Thank you for your assistance.

if you create a ellipsis, Glyphs put in three periods but for some reason puts them on top of each other. Just move them around as you like.

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Great, thank you very much.

I am still confused about the way to add double quotes that hang left and right “right left”, how do I specify the difference when adding them to my font instead of the label ending up as quotedbl.001?

I am not sure I understand the question. But a .001 ending means that a glyph with the same name already exists in the font. If you duplicate a glyph, paste a glyph with an existing name etc., Glyphs tries to prevent data loss by adding the second glyph with a .001 ending.

quotedblleft is built from two quoteleft components. It’s easy to overlook the second component because the components are on top of each other. So simply drag the component you see to the side, and you’ll discover the one underneath.

The same thing applies to quotedblright/quoteright.

thanks! I just didn’t know what to name them! now when I type them the correct quote goes in the beginning and end of the text, instead of using the left quote only!

I’m sorry I am very new to this so I have a million questions… please bear with me, I appreciate your help as I learn to use glyphs.

I am now trying to space and kern the quotes and double quotes but they do now show up when I type them using the glyphs type tool. They work when exported, but the spacing is terrible, is there a way to be able to space the quotes and dblquotes?

Please, try to read the manual, watch tutorials, read the blog. Your answers are there.

Take a look at the video tutorials on this page:

The videos are about 2 minutes each. There’s also one about spacing.