Double S in German language

Hello everybody! I’m trying to localize my font. I have managed to add idotaccent for Turkish and I have got TRK, AZE, KAZ, TAT in feature locl. Now i’m trying to do the same for German by adding double S (uppercase and lowercase). I have added code from manual to feature calt. But there is no change in my locl feature (no DEU appeared). Could you please help me understand what I am missing?

For German just add Ä Ö Ü ẞ ä ö ü ß and you are fine.
They all have their own unicode.
(LOCL feature is only needed for form variants, not for German.)

Thank you! I have all the glyphs with letters. I just saw in the manual that I need to add locl. Hm, maybe I got it wrong

Now there is another problem. I did everything according to the manual but in Adobe Illustrator no contextual alternatives works (in AI in OpenType tab there is no active features). So when I type small cap germandbls after two uppercase letter, my germandbls doesn’t convert into uppercase germaldbls

For German? Where in the manual did you see this?

By ‘small cap’, you mean lowercase? Because you cannot type small caps. I suppose you mean the solution described in this tutorial? Just follow the instructions in this tutorial, update your features as described, and it should work. And make sure your language is actually set to German, if you do.

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Thank you. Yes, I mean this tutorial and lowercase. I did everything as described in this tutorial, updated features, switched to German but still there is no OpenType feature available in AI. Also I exported my font after all the features were done and it is appeared that in the table where I can see all the glyphs new glyphs (like Germandbls and alternative) didn’t appear-(

Can you send me the .glyphs file? To support (at) (this website without www), please. I will have a look.