Draw new shape over an anchor

I wonder is there any way to draw new shape over an anchor in order to ensure smoothness.

When I try to draw a new shape over another shape the pen tool cuts the older shape. It would be very nice if such a thing is possible. For instance, in illustrator it can be done when shape below is not selected.

Can you make a screencast in Illustrator that shows how you would use it?

Even shape below is selected it can be done by holding shift while using pen tool.


So you just like to prevent that clinking on a node opens it node and you what to right away start a new path?

Yes, also prevent adding new anchor on current path.

How often does this happen? What shapes are you trying to draw that this is happening?

It is always happening when I need to smooth shapes. The shapes that are drawn with pen tool or primitives

Since I could not find a way I do it manually. First I draw the new shape and then move the anchors right above the older one

Can you post a screenshot of one of your drawings?

Sure, here they are

Thanks. most of those dont need to be exactly on the same spot as it makes it difficult to select the right one later. And in the last case, you will most likely not hit the spot with the pen tool so just click a bit next to the outline and then move it as you are doing already.

At least I would like to prevent adding new anchor on current path. Thank you so much.