DrawBot crash in Glyphs


I’m writing a Drawbot script to generate specimens from Instances. I’m using the DrawBot plugin for that.

In my script I’m using :

for instance in Glyphs.font.instances:
 if instance.active:
        fontPath = instance.lastExportedFilePath

And after that, I have multiple newPage to build the specimens.

But I’m struggling with something.
If I generated few pages or If I active a few Instances everything works perfectly, but as soon as I start to insert many newPages or activate several instances, Glyph crash.

I’m using Glyphs 3.0.3 (3081)


Can you send the crash report that shows up when you restart the app?
Does wrapping your code in try/expect helps?
How many pages are you adding?

I just sent the crash a few minutes ago.
I try to wrap my code in try/except, but Glyphs keeps crashing.
Actually, I have 4 pages.

And also, sometimes for no reason when I copy my script in Drawbot windows, Glyph crash.

Could you send some more (and be sure to send the ones that come up when you restart the app). And add your name or at least “Drawbot” in the Notes field.

I just sent several just now.

Are you sure, I can’t find the reports. Can you post the report here?

I can’t post the full reports here, because the body is limited to 32000 characters.
So here is a Google Doc link with the full report :

But something is weird because when I go in the Console > User Reports, I don’t see all my crash, but only few of them.

The crash is inside Python. Could you send me the drawbot script and the .glyphs file?