DrawBot hard crash in Glyphs 3.0.5 (3129)


I posted this as a GitHub issue, but thought I would cross-post: Hard crash with Glyphs 3.0.5 · Issue #11 · schriftgestalt/DrawBotGlyphsPlugin · GitHub

If I run the DrawBot plugin from the File menu (File > New Drawbot) or even just type import drawBot in the Macro panel, Glyphs hard crashes without an error.

But secondary to my point, if I have a plugin that relies on a module like DrawBot, and I want to make sure that plugin has access to a specific version of that module (for instance, a newer version of DrawBot than is available via the plugin), how should I do that? Is there some sort of method to install dependencies for a plugin using Glyphs’ python?


Works for me. What python and pyobjc version do you have?

Replied on the issue; I think it’s something to do with my older OS. I’ll need to update. Thanks!