Drawing geometric glyphs with shapes? Subtract, intersect, difference etc

Hi there,

Really enjoying Glyphs so far but just trying to understand drawing with geometric shapes.

Have read through the guides and understand remove overlap is a way to unionise shapes but what about other operations?

E.g if I want to draw a glyph without using the pen tool like (with red being a subtracted rectangle)

I understand that path direction is used for the circle part but is subtraction etc possible? Or is it necessary to draw in AI first?

There is a Subtract button in the Transformations palette. Select a shape, push the button, and it is subtracted from all unselected shapes.

But a quicker way is to delete the lower half of the circles and reconnect the nodes. Hint: Opt-Delete deletes and breaks open a path.

Thank you so much, I feel silly for not seeing that.

And yes, that is a much quicker way.

Not silly at all, it is just different (more or less historically grown) editing conventions in different apps.