Drawing help: Diagonals interpolation

Hello, I am running into an interpolation issue in the cyrillic ka. The diagonal doesn’t interpolate nicely (to be honest, I don’t quite understand why, but that’s a different question). Any ideas how to draw this to achieve a clean interpolation? Any obvious tricks I am missing? Thanks!

Master 1

Master 2

Results in:

You need to keep either the same angle or the same ratio (relative distance) between the 4 points forming each line. Rainer has Dekink Master Layers script for that. Also, Show Smooth Node Angle And Proportion plugin helps to measure it

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as a side note, I think Glyphs and varLib handle this kind of interpolation situation differently under the hood, so you might want to double-check both output formats once you’ve solved it.

I ran into the same problem very recently (also in cyrillic!), I didn’t know about that script, thanks alex

The difference between Glyphs and varLib is mostly likely caused by the different conversion to TrueType or the use of CFF2.

This is a classic kink. Covered in the multiple masters tutorials. In OTVAR, you can have an intermediate master to minimize the issue. Or try and rearrange points and handles as much as possible.