Drawing primitives with measurements not working

Hi! When I draw primitives, we have a way to insert measurements. Although, mine is not working when I press command. I just can’t place a primitive with specific measurements. Should I switch something on? Or is there any configuration I might have switched off by mistake?

Can you post some screenshots showing what you mean?

You know the dialog box that pops one you select a primitive and want to give it measurements? If you press option on keyboard and click on canvas it pops. But I can’t do that. Once I click on canvas it just draws random sized primitive.

Why are you pressing Command (or Option? I don’t understand). I just click onto the canvas with the Primitives tool (F) active and I can enter measurements. Can you take some screenshots of what you mean, please? Or a short video.

You are right. I didnt have to hit option. I was doing it incorrectly because i was mimicating illustrator behaviour. it worked once so i guessed that it was the same :rofl:. Although, on one computer i have it working and on another not. Strange. The only thing different is that on one i used a wacom to work and on another a mouse…probably it has something to do with it… :thinking:

It is a Wacom issue indeed. Tried out with a mouse and it worked perf.
Thank you for your time.