"Duplicate Glyph" in edit view and unicode names

If I use “Duplicate Glyph” in Edit view on e.g. uni04D9, the result is “schwa-cy.001”, which is a little bit annoying.

But if I duplicate the base glyph again, the result ist a second glyph named “schwa-cy.001” which causes an error of kind “two glyphs with the same name”, of course.

3.1.2 (3151)

You might like to enable the “Use custom naming” in Font Info > Others. That option is ment to prevent this renaming.

I know. Its always on. But it is ignored, if using “Duplicate Glyph” in edit view. Thats the point.

Nevertheless, Glyphs should not use the same glyph name again and again.

You are right. I fixed it.