"duplicate Glyphs" custom parameter?

I’m in love with custom parameter Local Interpolation to mix differend widths while export to create a mismatshed-widths-font out of a multi-axis master setting.

Now I want to make it an all-case font but with uppercase shapes for lowercases. and then to use different Local Interpolations for these uppercase-in-lowercase

Is it possible to duplicate Glyphs with a custom parameter?

to go on with Rename Glyphs or Reencode Glyphs in the next step

What is an all-case font?

All-case was a misunderstanding wording.

Want to have a font with lower- and upper-case unicodes but use shapes of uppercase letters only.

My idea was: (all while Export)

  • Duplicate uppercase letters,
  • Rename half of it to lowercase names,
  • Have to kind of local interpolations to strech letters differently
  • add a replace feature parameter for randomize upper and lowercase (that disply two kinds of uppercase shapes)
  • lean back while apple+E is working

Everything but duplicate glyphs I can do.

I am thinking it could probably be done with a plug-in that is employed as PreFilter. Or simply duplicate the glyphs…?

PreFilter based on Plug-in sounds good.
I’ll go to Marketplace and contact Schriftlabor :wink: