Duplicate production names

Just updated to 2.4 and a font that exported just fine from 2.3 does not export anymore, with Glyphs reporting all kinds of Glyphs as having ‘duplicate production names’ such as ‘abreveinverted’ and ‘abreveinverted.ss01’. I thought it might be related to the custom XML I’m using, but even when disabling this, it reports the same errors for glyphs which have a suffixed variant.

What can I do about this?

I’m aware of the problem. Could you send me the file for testing?

Hi Georg, many thanks for your prompt attention. Just sent to the support address.

I fixed it.

Great! Does that mean that I have to download the cutting edge version to get the fix?

The fix will be in the next update.

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Do you know when that will be sorted? We are having the same issue with different glyphs and that is holding up our production, clients won’t wait.

Thanks Georg. Now it’s working fine with the latest edge release.

I’m afraid it is happening again. Checked in 2.6.5 (1338) and in 2.6.6 (1348) - same issue in both

upd. It works fine in Version 2.6.2 (1264)

I can reproduce it. For -cy glyphs, the .fina suffix is ignored in the production name. Also when generating through Glyph > Add Glyphs…

Any chance it can be fixed as soon as it is possible? :smirk:

You can manually set the production name. Select the glyph in font view and press Cmd+Option+i.