Duplication of the Master in a variable font

in Variable Font. if the two Masters are identical - is it possible to make the second master refer to the first somehow programmatically? In order not to duplicate the Master (not to increase the file size)?
thank you

Why do you need the duplicated master in the first place?

for correct interpolation. when there is no supporting master in the variable font, the font is buggy (incorrectly displayed)

Can you elaborate a little bit? I ask, because it sounds a bit unusual to have a cloned master. Maybe there is something else in your setup that can be improved instead. That’s why I ask.

What are your current master settings?

in order for the font to be displayed correctly, you need to make a copy: Thin to ThinContrast

But copying the Wizard probably increases the file size. Also increases the number of Masters, which can be less convenient in variable fonts with multiple axes. Is it possible to do without copying the Master?

You are right. And we have something planed for this. But it needs more time.


I want to make a variable font with two axes: Weight and Contrast.

For the font to work correctly, you need 4 origins: 1_Thin, 2_Thin_Contrast, 3_Black, 4_Black_ Contrast

while 1_Thin and 2_Thin_Contrast are identical.

is it possible to make the variant font work correctly without duplicating the origins 1 and 2?

somewhere to write in the Custom parameters or something else to indicate that 1_Thin = 2_Thin_Contrast?

@ GeorgSeifert
i understood. thank you