Dutch IJ fix not appearing in ccmp

I was just reading your helpful tutorial “# Localize your font: accented Dutch IJ” but it’s left me slightly confused. It was all working perfectly until I checked the ccmp, this line sub [i j]' @CombiningTopAccents by [idotless jdotless]; hasn’t generated itself automatically, should I turn off automatic generation and write it in manually? When I generated the “Western European” glyphs it’s given me a IJ (and an ij) but I assume this is a different glyph from the double acute IJ as it’s not automatically generating acute accents above them both?

Do you have “i, j, idotless, jdotless” and some top marks?
and what version of Glyphs do you have?

Yep, i, j, I, J, idotless, jdotless, iacute, jacute, Iacute, Jacute, acute comb. The full spectrum.

What version of Glyphs is this?

Oop, sorry. 3.2 (3198)

Still having the issue even after updating to 3.2 (3199)

The line is a little different in the latest versions. I’ll update the text of the tutorial.