Edit Background doesn't work in latest update; 9th April

This morning’s release.

Works fine for me. What isn’t working, exactly?

Cmd B doesn’t work, nor Edit Background in the Paths pull-down.

What isn’t working, exactly? You mean that those commands do not switch to the background layer?

What machine are you on (macOS version, computer model)? Glyphs version is 3257, I assume?

Yes, those commands don’t work.
iMac retina 5K, 27 inch, Late 2015. macOSMonterey 12.7.4
Glyphs version from this morning. I restored to the one from yesterday.

Cannot reproduce on Sonoma.

When you say “reverted to the one from yesterday”, which version number is that?

3.2 (3255)

And that works? That is interesting.

Time Machine restore. No problem.

To reproduce this:

  • Type in some text in the tab.
  • Activate a glyph other than the first glyph. Activate the Select tool. Edit something to make Glyphs store the UI status in font (or elsewhere?).
  • Close the font.
  • Open the font.
  • The previously active glyph is typically still selected, with the Select tool.
  • Press cmd+B.
  • Glyphs activates the Background for the first glyph, not the active glyph.

In other words, after re-opening a font, Glyphs doesn’t seem to correctly set the currently active glyph internally, or something like that.

It’s OK. It now works in the latest version.

Thanks. I fixed it. It only happens with glyphs that do not have a unicode or are from the upper plane.