Edit Glyph Info in menu

i clicked Edit > Info for Selection (Cmd-Opt-I) either in Edit View and Font View,
then Smart Component Settings dialog opened.

Glyphs 3.0.3 (3091)

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The problem still happened in 3.0.5 on my Mac.

What glyph do you have selected?

wow, it only occured when Han characters selected. (especially in Edit View)

it works correctly in Latin, Kanas.

When I try it with a han glyph (I picked uni85AE), I get the glyph info dialog in Font View and the smart components dialog in Edit View.

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I have no 3.0.3 in my computer, and I got the same behavior as yours in 3.0.5 now.

Is this (different dialogs be opened in Font View and Edit View) a feature?

it got strange now.

Suddenly, I got smart components dialog in Font View with all glyphs (han, latin, symbol…) now.

And I just moved the Glyphs 3 window to another screen (I use two moniters), the problem suddenly fixed again. Now I got smart components dialog only with han glyphs in Font View.

and I tried to click Info for Selection in Edit View again in Edit View (with han glyph), now the smart components dialog be opened.

then, I switch back to Font View, and click Info for Selection with any character (han, latins, symbol…), now I got only smart components dialogs now.