Edit → Info for Selection always shows “Smart Glyph Settings” for the glyph opened in glyph view

Edit → Info for Selection (or the cmd+option+i) will always open “Smart Glyph Settings” if a smart glyph is open in the glyph view, and it will show the settings of that glyph not even the selected smart glyph (if the selected glyph is smart one).

It would also be helpful if “Smart Glyph Settings” had the glyph (and may be the font) in its title, so it is obvious which glyph is being edited.

I understand that part.

Suppose I’m selecting glyph _part.foo in the font view, but _part.bar is open in the glyph view, I’ll get the settings of _part.bar not _part.foo when I’m in the font view.

I fixed it. Thanks.

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