Editable text print out

Is there a way to create an editable file with all the characters in a font.
I have a font with a huge amount of glyphs that I would rather not type out

In Font view,

  1. Select All;
  2. Right click on any cell, select “Copy Glyph Names”;
  3. Select the format you want them copied in, then
    a. In Glyphs, use the copied names to make a List Filter, OR
    b. Open the text editor of your choice and paste the contents of the Clipboard.

Or export, and then run the mekkablue script Test > Webfont Test HTML or some of the other scripts in that submenu. They also cover the unencoded glyphs (accessible via OT features).

You can select the glyphs you need in font view and just copy. Then paste wherever you like. All encoded glyphs should show up.