Editing long or multi-line strings infFont info is unusable

This is a long string, but the text editing area shows only one line with no wrapping at all, so one has to horizontal scroll to see the rest of the text.

It is also a multi-line string (have new lines) and one can not tell from just looking at it if there are more lines or not.

I have also thought about this, but I’m unsure what else to propose. Would you prefer the text field to grow its size as needed or to edit in a modal text field (as is the case with glyphOrder). The former would work well for a few lines, but some text fields like licenses would take up a lot of space. The latter makes editing text a multi step process (open modal, edit, confirm edit and close modal).

(Perhaps only auto grow up to a certain maximum height and allow scrolling if there is more text?)

Model window would be OK. But the text field can also grow with a max number of lines (say 5), scrolling wouldn’t be a big issue in this case and the presence of a scroll part will indicate that there is more text. It can be even a simple condition; if the text fits in one line all is good, otherwise switch to a multi-line widget with a fixed height.