Embedding copyright info?

So, I have downloaded the Glyphs App for my font work and I would like to sell them on other websites; however, I received an email about needing to “embed my copyright information” and so I searched throughout the forum to see if anyone has any issues with this.

I did use the Font Table Viewer app and it does indeed say “copyright missing”.

How can I fix this? What can be done about this? My font is my own work and I’m not able to sell it because of this issue.

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 3.49.46 PM|690x373

  • Open Font Info by choosing FileFont Info… and select the Font tab.
  • Then, click the plus + button to the right of the General heading and search for “Copyright”.
  • Click Add to add the copyright field to the font and set its value, for example, “Copyright 2021 Carol Dockery”.

This copyright notice will now be written on export to the OTF file.

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Thank you so much!