Emoji not sitting on the baseline


I’m new to using Glyphs and I’m trying to create a set of emojis. I was wondering if anyone has an idea what can cause the Emojis to not sit on the baseline or not below the descender? I made sure that there are no extra alpha around the image but for some reason it’s sitting up higher. What could I be doing wrong?

Attached a mockup of whats happening. Thank you in advance for your help.

You somehow control the position by adding a very small path where the lower left corner should be add the path to the master layer, not to the color layer. Then move it around until you get the image into the right spot. You need to report an view in an Mac app to see the actual effect.

I’m developing an app with the same issue. I added the path, and the alignment works well on iPhone but it still happen on Android phone. Does this method work for Android too?

What format did you export to get the images to show in Android?

A true-type font is exported and used for both iOS and Android. The font is edited from a free font with our own emoji added, but it is strange that when the font is exported, all other glyphs (such as the alphabets) are gone except the emojis. Would this be the cause of the misalignment on Android?

What do you mean by “all other glyphs (such as the alphabets) are gone except the emojis”?