Emoji unicode for skin tone

I am very new for using this software. I find one problem for updating some emojis with different skin tone. Thanks in advance for your coming answer~
I know the five main modifiers of the skin tone. They are u1F3FB - u1F3FF. I need to change some skin tones for some emojis such as

  1. u1F4AA - Flexed Biceps
  2. u1F3C3 - Person running
  3. u1F64B - Person raising hand
    The problem is how to set the (multiple) unicodes (the name?) for different skin tone. I have tried to set one emoji like “u1F4AA_u1F3FB” but we can not preview it normally. Could you please help show me some examples to solve this kind of problem?

Thanks a lot~

Let me verify the problem clearly.
I have created the images with different skin tone for u1F4AA family but I do not know how to define the unicode (glyphs name) for these new images.
E.g. u1F4AA is the primary unicode of the Flexed Biceps. If I need to update the light skin tone image for this emoji, what unicode should I set?
Thanks a lot~

AFAIR, the skin tones are separate characters. The skin-toned emojis are ligatures of the person emoji and the color emoji. Ligatures typically have no Unicode values of their own.

A good way to analyze this is to type a skin-toned emoji in UnicodeChecker’s tool window:


Thanks for your reply.
Per your capture, if the sample can be found in the UnicodeChecker’s tool. Then what should I do? We can input the yellow skin U+270B in my project. We can set the emoji unicode name to “u270B” and change it to my picture. It can be done easily. However, how can I input / handle the next one - U+270B U+1F3FC ?
Thank you so much~

You add three glyphs: flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType3 flexedBiceps_fitzpatrickType3
In Font Info > Features, add a feature called ccmp and add this line:

sub flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType3 by flexedBiceps_fitzpatrickType3;

Hi GeorgSeifert,
Here is the capture from me to show what I can do. I can copy your sentence only :wink:

I am a graphic designer so I can not write the script confidently. Could you please show me the steps in details? :slight_smile: “ccmp” gives me many question mark on my head as I can not find it…

If the script of the flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType3 is well prepared, how can I add the flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType2?

Thanks for your great help!

Please don’t be afraid to read and understand the line. That is mostly just a listing of glyphs names. Read the line a few times and you will figure it out. :wink:

I tried to input more scripts now. How about that?

The code is fine. What you need to do before you put the code there is to add a feature in left list. Click the “+” button and add a “Feature” and rename it to “ccmp”. Then paste that code.

(And you know you can do screenshot by pressing “Cmd+Shift+4” and dragging a rect?)

Hi Georg,

It is me again. Per my screenshot below, the regular person shrugging emoji image in black skin tone will be shown automatically when I typed the name as “u1F937_u1F3FF”. Then I applied my created PNG images (96x96 & 128x128) to replace the regular one. Therefore, can this “u1F937_u1F3FF” emoji be displayed normally in the common platforms? Or this “u1F937_u1F3FF” can not be defined as a correct emoji according to mekkablue’s reply? In fact, what does it mean when the regular image is shown automatically? If I just typed “u1F937”, one triangular button about the UnicodeChecker will be found on the right side.
(I am not familiar with the MAC computer so I can not print the screen again…)

In this time, I received more errors after I clicked the “Update” button at the bottom. Perhaps, I will need to ask my programmer to follow up this issue :slight_smile:


Remove the aalt from the list.

To make a screenshot, just press Cmd+Shift+4. The cursor will change and then drag a rect around the area that you like to show.

Remove the aalt from the list. --> Noted.

Here is the simple picture to know my situation. I have created my own images for these kinds of emoji. From our tooling, the emojis with yellow skin tone can be displayed normally. However, other skins tones are failed so they are still kept the Google version.

The skin toned versions are not single Unicodes point but an combination of several characters. You need the opentype substitution to swap in the right glyph. So you need one line of feature code for each toned emoji.

It doesn’t really matter what glyph names you use. I like it better to use names instead of u + Unicode.

And read this https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/eliminating-font-cache-problems

Hi Georg,
Thanks for your patience. Here is the list. Please let me know if you find any problem. When I input this information completely, what should I do secondly?

feature ccmp {
sub runner fitzpatrickType2 by runner_fitzpatrickType2;
sub runner fitzpatrickType3 by runner_fitzpatrickType3;
sub runner fitzpatrickType4 by runner_fitzpatrickType4;
sub runner fitzpatrickType5 by runner_fitzpatrickType5;
sub runner fitzpatrickType6 by runner_fitzpatrickType6;
sub flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType2 by flexedBiceps_fitzpatrickType2;
sub flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType3 by flexedBiceps_fitzpatrickType3;
sub flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType4 by flexedBiceps_fitzpatrickType4;
sub flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType5 by flexedBiceps_fitzpatrickType5;
sub flexedBiceps fitzpatrickType6 by flexedBiceps_fitzpatrickType6;
sub happyPersonRaisingOneHand fitzpatrickType2 by happyPersonRaisingOneHand_fitzpatrickType2;
sub happyPersonRaisingOneHand fitzpatrickType3 by happyPersonRaisingOneHand_fitzpatrickType3;
sub happyPersonRaisingOneHand fitzpatrickType4 by happyPersonRaisingOneHand_fitzpatrickType4;
sub happyPersonRaisingOneHand fitzpatrickType5 by happyPersonRaisingOneHand_fitzpatrickType5;
sub happyPersonRaisingOneHand fitzpatrickType6 by happyPersonRaisingOneHand_fitzpatrickType6;
sub informationDeskPerson fitzpatrickType2 by informationDeskPerson_fitzpatrickType2;
sub informationDeskPerson fitzpatrickType3 by informationDeskPerson_fitzpatrickType3;
sub informationDeskPerson fitzpatrickType4 by informationDeskPerson_fitzpatrickType4;
sub informationDeskPerson fitzpatrickType5 by informationDeskPerson_fitzpatrickType5;
sub informationDeskPerson fitzpatrickType6 by informationDeskPerson_fitzpatrickType6;
sub dancer fitzpatrickType2 by dancer_fitzpatrickType2;
sub dancer fitzpatrickType3 by dancer_fitzpatrickType3;
sub dancer fitzpatrickType4 by dancer_fitzpatrickType4;
sub dancer fitzpatrickType5 by dancer_fitzpatrickType5;
sub dancer fitzpatrickType6 by dancer_fitzpatrickType6;
sub faceWithOkGesture fitzpatrickType2 by faceWithOkGesture_fitzpatrickType2;
sub faceWithOkGesture fitzpatrickType3 by faceWithOkGesture_fitzpatrickType3;
sub faceWithOkGesture fitzpatrickType4 by faceWithOkGesture_fitzpatrickType4;
sub faceWithOkGesture fitzpatrickType5 by faceWithOkGesture_fitzpatrickType5;
sub faceWithOkGesture fitzpatrickType6 by faceWithOkGesture_fitzpatrickType6;
sub facePalm fitzpatrickType2 by facePalm_fitzpatrickType2;
sub facePalm fitzpatrickType3 by facePalm_fitzpatrickType3;
sub facePalm fitzpatrickType4 by facePalm_fitzpatrickType4;
sub facePalm fitzpatrickType5 by facePalm_fitzpatrickType5;
sub facePalm fitzpatrickType6 by facePalm_fitzpatrickType6;
sub shrug fitzpatrickType2 by shrug_fitzpatrickType2;
sub shrug fitzpatrickType3 by shrug_fitzpatrickType3;
sub shrug fitzpatrickType4 by shrug_fitzpatrickType4;
sub shrug fitzpatrickType5 by shrug_fitzpatrickType5;
sub shrug fitzpatrickType6 by shrug_fitzpatrickType6;
} ccmp;

This looks good. You now need to export your font and it should work (if you do it as in the tutorial I posted above).

I will test it next day.

How about the different skinned images? They are collected in an individual folder only. What should I do to link up them with the Glyphs software?

You need to put the images into the corresponding glyphs. The “white” skin runner into runner_fitzpatrickType2.

Hi Georg,

The status looks nice from my side. Thanks you and this platform. :slight_smile:

  1. The glyphs are created individually. E.g. u1F646, u1F3FB - u1F3FF, u1F646_u1F3FB…
  2. The script looks like that. I keep the original unicodes this time.

Hi Georg,
Me again :slight_smile: Please help check the attached images. The emoji looks a bit higher than the text in the current version. Can I adjust something from this software to align the emoji and the text horizontally as the right version?

Thanks a lot~

Depends. And you will have different results in different environments. Is this the same font or two different fonts?