Emojis not showing in apps

Hello there,

did the following: I added emojis (i e ‘lock’) by adding via ‘Glyph-Info’ (german Version). The idea was to provide regular emojis and make them be replaceable via stylistic set (my version of the symbols that fit the typeface better than the ‘original’ emojis).

The idea:
Default: regular emoji
SS: my design

When I try it out in apps the default emojis are invisible. Only when I activate the particular SS the SS-Version appears.

What am I doing wrong?

What do you mean by original emoji?

Your font cannot access glyphs of other fonts, so if you want to use the system-provided emoji by default and your own emoji with a style set feature, that is not possible.

That’s exactly what I was intending to do. I was tricked by the fact that it is possible to add emojis into thinking I could use them as default symbols and make them replaceable.

Thank you, Florian, for clarifying.

You can offer two versions of your font: one with the emoji glyphs and one without. When picking the font without emoji, the app will use the system font for the emoji; picking the font with emoji uses your custom emoji.

Sure, but the idea is not important enough at this stage to make 2 versions for that reason.