“Emojis” vs “Emoji”

Hello from Tokyo〜

I have a rather pedantic piece of feedback. “Emoji” is a Japanese word 「絵文字」 , meaning “picture character” (as in typographic character).

As with all words in the Japanese language, there is no pluralized form. Shoe is 「くつ」 and shoes is also just 「くつ」

Obviously words change, especially when they are loanwords, but I think even though some people would say “sushis” or “ninjas,” I think most people would agree that “sushi” and “ninja” are the correct form, and the reason is simply because plural forms don’t exist in Japanese.

So my request is that all labels for “Emojis” in Glyphs should be “Emoji” instead.

Thanks for considering, and apologies for caring about something so silly.

To be fair, grammar of words does adapt once they are used in a different language, especially declinations. E.g. all the words you mention would receive a gender once they are used in German. With emoji/emojis, I’ve seen the plural used frequently when many were meant, and with an article.

Having said that, we could set the headings in singular. Or was there one particular spot where it met your eye?

In the New From Glyph Sets window and the project sidebar is where I noticed it.

I recognize “emojis” is an alternative plural form. I’ve seen it used that way too. I’m not saying it can’t be made plural with an s, but that this spelling is an alternative plural form. The original plural form of emoji is the same as its singular: emoji.

It’s not dissimilar to English words that have plural forms that match their singular form, like “sheep” or “fruit.”