Empty Name Fields

After export of the otf files and trying to install them the message of non compatible font file pops up (Fontexplorer). Having a look with DTL OTMaster it shows that a big part of the Name Fields are empty or non existing. The same file was days before proper exporting with all Name fields in. In the meanwhile I made a update of glyphs to 2.6.1. imported kerning groups and kernings from a ufo file saved from Metrics Machine and filled or completed the information in the Type parameters, Master Parameters and Instances parameters.
Any idea why the Name fiels in the recent exports lost or non existent?

can you show the instance and master settings?

here they are.! For instant worked only trough Bold and Semibold 15|690x483

In the meantime I found the reason. It is the Webfont Format position in the Instance parameters that guided me wrong.
It is the first time I use it.
As it generates with Plain an otf file (voluntarily corrupted I guess) I didn’t thought that this is an nonprinting otf file only for the web. Something to put in the documentation?

Thanks, we can add a warning in the parameters section.

Yes that would surely be usefull. Have a nice day!