Encode Keyboard shortcuts in font; case sensitive punctuation

i know its not relevant asking this in this topic, but a couple of quick questions;

  1. is there a way to use functional keys like; alt, shift, cmd etc… inside of a font? for like holding alt+B change the salt of “B”? i saw that designers using complex characters like ?/B/? for a specific ligature. but i wonder if functional keys could involve.
  2. how to make case sensitive glyphs like this?

I took the liberty to move it to a new topic. That makes it easier for others who have the same question to find the answer to this.

  1. how keyboard shortcuts are handled is controlled by the keyboard layout, not the font.
  2. you make .case variants, i.e., duplicates of the glyphs in question, just with a .case glyph name suffix. And of course edit those to match the caps.


What if i want to use this for arabic? for example, use specific punctuation for connected characters and different one for not-connected characters, is this possible?

Can you sketch an example of both cases? Not sure I understand what you want to do.

The .case glyphs and the case feature relay on the “All uppercase” setting in the layout app. So in your case, you need to use contextual substitutions.
So something like this:

sub alef-ar.init madda-ar' by madda-ar.connected;
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