Encoding symbol font accessible in word

I am looking for the best way to encode a symbol font that would be easily accessible in Windows.
Would it be a good idea for example to follow the encoding structure used for the microsoft symbol font wingdings (is it ASCII?) ?

Thank you so much.

You can just use the normal glyph slots for you symbols. But then Office will use those to render then font menu and you can’t read it then. You could use normal glyph for the letters needed to write the font name.

To make a proper MS symbol font is tricky. It involves several steps with are not all possible in Glyphs directly. And I don’t remember all of them.

Hello Georg!

Thank you for your quick answer. Would you recommend to use the Windows-1252 encoding table in this case?

OTF fonts do not have an encoding like that any more.

Hello –
yes, of course, I am just looking for a way to make the symbols accessible in mircosoft word. And the special character table in most current versions in Word (Insert>Symbol>Advanced Symbol) only shows 256 characters…

Thank you!

Hi there, I was wondering what the final outcome was to this problem … thanks