Enter and exit marks

In making my Arabic font, I use the enter and exit marks for positioning the glyphs and they are great.

I wish there was a way that these marks would work when they exist in inserted component. For example, I set them the way I want in Dotless Beh and then place this glyph in Beh, Teh, Peh, Yeh, etc. Then for any of these glyphs, I have to set these two marks at the same place so they position the way that I want, one by one. Now if I would make a change in Dotless Beh, then again I have to change all of these enter and exit marks in every one of those similar glyphs.

It would make sense that these two enter and exit marks automatically work if they exist in the component, unless we set them differently in the glyphs, so the second one override the one that existed in the inserted component.

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Working on it.

Hi there,
So is this still the case with the latest version?
Should I be setting entry and exit anchors in all the glyphs that are connected? or can I just position it on the componant?
This is for the cursive attachment, but for the Arabic diacritics if thee is a glyph that has a dot above, lets say the behDotless-ar now if I set an anchor for the there dots to appear on the the-ar, should I put another anchor for the marks? or will it appear on top of the dots anyway? and if I have more than one mark? how would they fall on top of each other in terms of anchor placement?
Your help is really appreciated,

Moe :slight_smile:

That is implemented for some time now. You can prefix the exit/entry with any character (I usually use ‘#’) to not get cursive feature for anchors that are only used for components.

Can you give an example of exempting cursive feature with a component?

I just updated the Component Tricks tutorial with an example. Look for the last chapter at the bottom of the page, with the AE example: