#entry and #exit anchors on marks

I can’t figure this out. I have a bunch of mark glyphs that are made of components, like you see here: ကိံ င်္ကီ ကဲံ. I thought I could add #exit and #entry anchors on the mark glyphs so that the ligatures snap the components into the right positions when they find anchors that match. But auto-alignment doesn’t have any effect, the right hand component still floats free. I tried all different anchor names but it appears nothing will get mark components to snap together.

I tried this with latin marks and it works fine:
Mask with exit:entry.glyphs (1.5 KB)
Can you send me the file?

Thanks for taking a look, just sent it :slight_smile:

I have similar problems. One of the issues is that Glyphs doesn’t update the display one you have added these anchors. You have to close the file and re-open it, then they show up , are selectable in the info panel, and sometimes actually works. Then there are times when they don’t work, that happens when nested components are involved, but inconsistently.

@clauseggers what version do you have?

It has been happening on cutting edge from about 3235 I think. I don’t know if it is consistently reproducible, but it happens often. In my case it was in adding new ^entry and ^exit anchors to some glyphs to build some ligatures.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version, I think I finally fixed it.

It’s working beautifully now for me, thank you!

um sorry, hate to say it but I don’t think it’s working when there are three marks (e.g င်္ကိံ). The second and third components are both attaching to the #exit anchor of the first mark

EDIT Yikes sorry it does work, I’d misnamed #exit without the hash

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